Scope of activities

VATM’s core products are number of controlled flights and numbers of controlled ATC distance per km. VATM’ services quality is to ensure the safety, regularity and efficiency for all aircrafts operating in the area of responsibilities. 

Its main functions and responsibilities are to:

a. Provide air navigation services for all civil and military aircrafts (as delegated) operating at the airports nationwide, over the sovereignty airspace, in the Flight Information Regions (FIRs) of Viet Nam and over other legal airspaces, including: Air Traffic Services (Air Traffic control services, Flight Information services, Advisory services and Alerting services); Communication, Information, Surveillance Services; Aeronautical Information Services; Aeronautical Meteorological Services; Search and Rescue Services.

b. Provide services on consulting, design, construction, supervisory, repair, maintenance and installation of air navigation services works;

c. Manufactures of items, accessories, and technical equipment for air navigation services and other equipment, items;

d. Provide flight inspection services for Navigation and Surveillance aids;

e. Directly exports/imports, sales/purchases aviation equipment, materials, facilities and other specialized equipment.

g. Provide training services and human resource for domestic and foreign units.